What's Changed?

  • Masks must be worn over the mouth, nose and chin at all times when in the facility.

  • No parents are allowed in the gym, except at the reception desk for payments and registration purposes.

  • Cheerleaders enter through the main door (glass door under the awning) and will exit through the bay door and come to the parking lot.  Please wait at the door until an instructor comes to get you.

  • Temperatures will be taken at the door before entering.

  • Cheerleaders can only bring water bottles and must carry cheer shoes in with them (no backpacks or other personal belongings). Emergency medications like inhalers and epi-pens can also be brought in a small personal bag.

  • All waiting rooms remain closed at this time. Parents and family members are asked to remain in their vehicles except for drop off and pick up.

  • If anyone in your family has been exposed to Covid-19, please follow all CDC and New Jersey state guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing. Additionally, please heed the travel advisory recommendations set forth by the state of New Jersey before coming to the gym.

  • NXT has implemented a number of systems that are designed to ensure the safety of everyone

  • We have secured SportSani as a disinfecting agent

  • We have arranged the gym to minimize contact and ensure social distancing

  • Signs posted in and around gym about policies

  • One-way traffic from drop-off to pick up

  • All waiting areas closed

  • No personal items in the facility except water bottles and emergency meds - e.g inhaler, epi pen

Floor Plan - Drop off and Pick Up

NXT Floor Plan - Covid Update _Updated.j

Reopening Steps: Phase Four

NXT Steps.png

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons will resume on 6/15, barring any change of policy by the state

  • New precautions will be in place to ensure athlete, instructor and family health

  • No spotting will be allowed

  • All lessons MUST be booked through the desk, by emailing privatelessons@nextlevelallstars.com to ensure that no double bookings or over occupancy takes place

Differences to expect due to uncertainty

2019 season

  • Competition fees due in installments throughout summer

  • Primarily 2-day competitions with mandatory overnight stays

  • Inter-regional travel for comps

  • Mandatory practice wear purchases

2020 season

  • Competition fees due in November, when more details emerge regarding travel

  • Mix of 1 and 2-day comps*

    • Hotel stays - possible 

  • Competitions will all be within driving distance

  • Optional practice wear packages

When life gets back to normal

Coaches and instructors for the 2020 season

  • Full year

    • Coaches - Mike, Taylor, Ashley

    • Instructors - Dom, Trisston, Savannah, Nick

    • Junior Coaches -  Abbey, Alexa

Practice schedule - Monday, Wednesday - 2 hours

    • Thursday - Team tumbling for 1 hour

    • Weekend practices beginning in September?

    • Choreography - Waiting on more guidance from state about occupancies

    • Will rent outdoor space if need be to have larger gatherings