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Tumbling at NXT has never been easier. With more access to our facilities and instructors, everyone can take their skills to the Next Level with our tumbling classes! To get started, select a monthly package. From there, sign up for all the classes that meet your scheduling needs. Supercharge any monthly membership by adding  private lessons! Schedule your free evaluation today!

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Next Level Training incorporates all the fundamentals of tumbling in a safe environment with our high level and dedicated instructors. In our classes your athlete will work on strengthening, flexibility and moving their body with proper technique. Our goal at NXT is to have our athletes build their confidence, push limits, and have fun progressing into the Next Level.


Tumble 101

Fundamentals first

This is our introductory level class to build a foundation for proper alignment, power, strength, and timing needed to be a successful tumbler. Here, your athletes will learn Basic Floor Tumbling skills to help prepare them for the Next Level.

  • Handstand 

  • Forward Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • Bridge

  • Cartwheel



Learn the basics

Our Bronze level class will have your athletes progress into intermediate level Tumbling skills. Learning proper body positions and creating memory of movement is essential for more advanced skills. Athletes here will need to be proficient in Basic Tumbling skills.

  • Bridge Kickover

  • Bridge Stand Up 

  • Handstand Bridge

  • Backbend

  • Cartwheel Step-in

  • Teddy Bear Cartwheel



Step up your skills

In our Silver level class your athletes will learn what it takes to become a Tumbler. Athletes must demonstrate stability and ability to keep arms straight through pressure during skills. Athletes must be proficient in Basic and Intermediate level tumbling skills.

  • Back Walkover

  • Front Walkover

  • Roundoff

  • Aerials

  • Diveroll 

  • Fundamentals for Handspring


Flip into new abilities

You made it to our Gold level tumbling class. Gold level athletes must have a strong understanding of Silver skills before entering into Gold class. Here is where your athlete will begin to learn the connection phase of tumbling.

  • Back Handspring

  • Round Off Back Handspring

  • Front Tuck

  • Front Handspring

  • Bounder



Master the air & the mat

After mastering extension, power and body awareness, athletes in Platinum begin to rotate in the air with no hand support. Platinum is for athletes who have a proper round-off back handspring and allows the athlete to be challenged with body position variations that require more core strength and proprioception.

  • Standing Multiples/Roundoff Multiples 

  • Standing/Running Tuck 

  • Layouts


Twist into Tumbling mastery

Sapphire is our highest level class for athletes who have mastered Hollow Body Layouts and are proficient in standing tumbling. This level was created to allow athletes to train twisting skills, speciality passes and other high level standing and running passes.

  • Fulls

  • Arabians 

  • Specialty Passes 

  • Whips

  • Double Fulls

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